The Tiki Hut of Keller



The Tiki Hut offers a complete line of flavors.  Each flavor has its own distinct 
'real-to-life' taste.  When you order a Strawberry, it actually taste like Strawberries. Order Peach and you will almost taste the fuzz.

Come try one for yourself!!! 
Our Flavors

Apple                        Dill Pickle                            Peach
Banana                     Fresh Lime                        Pineapple
Birthday Cake                     Grape                     Pink Grapefruit
 Black Cherry                 Green Apple                 Pink Lemonade
Blue Raspberry                    Guava                    Red Raspberry
Blueberry                    Honeydew Melon              Rootbeer
Bubblegum                         Kiwi                          Strawberry
Cantaloupe                    Lemon                         Tamarind
    Cheescake                           Lime                          Tangerine    
Cherry                            Mango                            Tutti Fruitti
Chocolate                     Margarita                            Vanilla
Cinnamon                        Orange                        Watermelon
 Coconut                          Papaya                     Wedding Cake      
Cola                          Passion Fruit                                      

If you can't decide on just one, the flavors you can create are virtually endless.  You can choose from one of our most popular concoctions or create your own!!!

BananaBerry (Banana + Strawberry)
Berries N' Cream (Strawberry + Cream)
Candy Apple (Apple + Cinnamon)
Cherry Blaster (Cherry + Black Cherry)
Coladas (Any flavor + Coconut)
Citrus Cooler (Orange + Margarita)
Creamsicle (Orange + Cream)
Daiquiris (Any Flavor + Pineapple)
Fuzzy Navel (Peach + Orange)
Georgia Peach (Peach + Strawberry)
KC's Masterpeice (Strawberry+Pineapple+Guava)
Lover's Delight (Guava + Passion Fruit)
Mai Tai (Pineapple + Lemon + Orange)
Mango Madness (Mango + Lime)
Melonberry (Watermelon + Strawberry)
Peach Razmatazz (Peach + Red Raspberry)
Peaches N' Cream (Peach + Cream)
Pina Colada (Pineapple + Coconut)
Pineango (Pineapple + Mango)
Pineapple Orange (Pineapple + Orange)
Purple Cow (Grape + Cream)
Rock N' Roll (Grape + Blueberry + Blue Raspberry)
Rootbeer Float (Rootbeer + Cream)
Sunrise (Cherry + Lemon+ Orange)
Tangerango (Tangerine + Mango)
Tiger's Blood (Strawberry + Coconut)









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